Classic Fly Fishing in Tidan

Fly fishing in the streams of river Tidan, Baltak 

In Baltak, located three kilometers south of Tidaholm in the direction towards Falköping, our stream stretch in river Tidan offers fly fishing after rainbow trout and brown trout. There are four zones for fly fishing, where wading is allowed in zone 1 and 3, but not in zone 2 and 4. The whole river stretch is about three kilometers long and it varies between rapid streams and slower running parts, with several pools and beautiful necks.

Our stocking policy is to stock fishes from about 7 hg up to several kilos on a weekly basis. During the high seasons twice a week. Normally we stock about ten fishes with an average weight about 4 kg every week, as well as the usual span width of between 7 hg to about 7 kg. During the summer season we occasionally stock smaller fishes, because it is appreciated by new beginners and children as well as by those who want to enjoy fishes more keen to rise and feed from the surface.

Please observe that we appreciate all catch reports from Baltak. Caught fishes can be reported either at the report box located besides the fishing permit machine in Baltak, or via our website (e-mail: Please remember to write down key information such as: date, species, weight/length, zone, which fly the fish was caught on and of course your own name. We will gladly publish your fishing stories and pictures of your fishes and fishing, if such materials are being sent to us by e-mail.

Please observe that the minimum measure for brown trout is 50 cm. All smaller brown trouts shall be released, with great cautioness, immediately into the water!

We want to inform that the Bälteberga bridge is closed and that all car traffic from the Tidaholm road down to Bältebärga is forbidden. Access the parking lot in Bälteberga by taking the gravel road on the eastern part of the river stretch and turn either left or right (left if driving in north direction), by the fishing parking lot sign.

Welcome to our river stretch and fly fish in a beautiful landscape and in the harmony of freely running water.


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