Two own fish farms

Hökensås Sportfiske AB operates two fish farms, Källefall and Baltak. We mainly produce rainbow trout and brown trout, but also char. What is unique with our fish farming is that we are maintaining and producing a completely own breeding line of rainbow trout, The Källefall rainbow trout, and produce stockable fishes completely adapted to sport fishing tourism.

The Källefall rainbow trouts are being developed and produce in cooperation with Fiskhälsan AB. We strive to achieve the goal of being able to offer a fish that looks and behaves as close to the wild rainbow trouts as possible. Qualities and key features that are being prioritized when producing our fishes are whole fins, beautiful body shapes, good markings, but first of all - good health.  

We are members of Svensk Sättfisk - a society of stock fish farmers who vouch for milieu, health, quality and safety. We are also members of Fiskhälsan AB, the organisation which has the industry's and the government's commission to care for the farmed fishes preventive health care. We take veterinary controlled tests of our fishes on a yearly basis to verify that no female fish that takes part in our breeding programme has got any kind of disease which can cause infectivity.

Sound and healthy fish farming is the foundation to our company.