Rent a lake at Hökensås!

Interested in offering your personal or customers a joyful activity? We can offer lakes for rent at Hökensås where groups up to 50 persons can rent a whole lake for company events, health care and friends - and union gatherings.  We have lakes in different sizes that will fit your aim and purpose. We will stock fish before every rental occasion and you will fish exclusively on these fishes in a beautiful environment. Whether you choose to bait-, spin or fly fish is by your own choice. You will have the lake at your disposal for one 24 hour period and are allowed to catch as many fishes as you would like to.

Each lake has got a fire place with tables provided with roofs and we are cooperating with Hökensås Camping and Holiday Village which means we are able to offer both food and accommodation. Should you wish, we will provide food catered out to the lake. We also offer fishing equipment for rent and it is possible to book one of our experienced fishing guides whom will provide personal service by the lake.

A certain amount of kilo of fishes is included in the price when renting a lake. The fishes will be stocked before every rental occasion. Should you wish that more fishes are stocked than the usual amount (which is related to the size of the specific lake that is being rented) of kilos each additional kilo of rainbow trout will cost 90 SEK. 

Renting one spin rod costs 90 SEK and a fly fishing rod 110 SEK. Included in the price is a box with lures, lines, priests, hooks, worms, floats, flies, knives, weigh scales and other useful materials which you will borrow together with renting a fishing rod. During the winter season ice fishing equipment and ice drills are possible to rent. You will only pay possible additional fees for the fishing materials that you have used (baits) or lost (lures, flies, floats etc.), after the fishing trip. 
Fishing guide
Our fishing guides will provide helpful service regarding everything around your fishing. They will give you advice on the best way to catch a fish, untangle fishing lines, attach wormed hooks or lures to your fishing lines or show how to cast with your rod. Renting a fishing guide will cost 500 SEK each first two hour and 400 SEK per following hour.

Delivery and collecting of fishing equipment
We are offering the service of both delivering and collecting your rented fishing equipment at the following fees:
Delivery or collecting between 08.00 and 18.00 o'clock costs 350 SEK per occasion.
Delivery or collecting between 18.00 and 23.00 o'clock costs 650 SEK per occasion.
The delivery of rented fishing equipment is free if a fishing guide is booked for at least two hours.
It is also possible to collect and deliver rented fishing equipment by the fishing shop at Håkängen without extra charges. It is possible to collect and deliver at times outside the fishing shop's opening times as well, please contact us for more information.

Additional fishing time
When renting a lake for one 24 hour period additional fishing time may be booked as well. 12 hours extra will cost 2000 SEK and 5 hours extra 1000 SEK. 

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