Fishing in the wilderness


Welcome to Tiveden

Tiveden is one of the southern parts of Scandinavia’s real wild life nature areas and historically it was the border land between the ancient tribes of Svea and Göta. Tiveden is both saga and mystery and Hökensås Sportfiske has got eight lakes to offer for sportfishing in this area. 

The lakes are divided into two areas. In the northern part the three lakes, Sörgårds Bergsjö, Nödre- and Mellre Fisklösen is located. These waters are located between Vitsand, by Stora Trehörningen and Tivedstorp in Askersund’s municipality.

Kvarnsjön, Bergsjön, Djäknesjön and Hanesjön is located in the southern part. These waters are some few kilometers in the direction up north of Granvik in Karlsborg’s municiopality. Lake Kroksjön, our rentable lake, is located within this area as well.

It is possible to rent rowing boats in lake Kvarnsjön and Bergsjön. The usage of belly boats is allowed in these lakes as well.  

Lake Ottersjön

Lake Ottersjön is NOT included in the 2017 season’s fishing permit. Lake Ottersjön has become a private lake and all fishing is strictly forbidden in this lake.

Brown trout and rainbow trout
We are stocking brown trout and rainbow trout on a regular basis, during the open water season, in all of our fishing lakes. From this season (2017) only brown trouts will be stocked in lake Bergsjön and Kvarnsjön. In lake Nödre Fisklösen, Mellre Fisklösen, Djäknesjön, Sörängs Bergsjö and Hanesjön only rainbow trouts will be stocked. 

Our rentable lake in Tiveden is lake Kroksjön which is suitable for societies or companies that want to rent a lake for own exclusive fishing activites. By the lake there is a large table, with roof as well as a fire place. The lake is suitable for about 35-40 persons, costs 5250 SEK per 24 hour period to rent and will then include 35 kg of stocked fishes for the exclusive fishing.


We have partnered with Tivedstorp that has good opportunities for overnight accommodation and food as well, and some sale and rent of fishing gear. Tivedstorp is a perfect alternative for those who want to have service by the use of our lake to rent. For more info: www.tivedstorp.se info@tivedstorp.se, +46 (0)584-47 20 90

Welcome to beautiful Tiveden!


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