Welcome to Hökensås!

Silence, calmness and peacefulness are being sought by many. Hökensås Sportfiske has pursued sport fishing tourism since 1957 within the area of Hökensås nature sanctuary. Here, on the Hökensås primary rock’s back, located ca 45 km northwest of Jönköping city, harmony is to be found. The black-throated loon and the horned grebe are nesting here, but also boreal owl, western capercaillie and common goldeneye get on well. The nature resembles the southern parts of Northland’s scots pine tree forests with their barren landscape.

Hökensås Sportfiske is offering fishing after mainly rainbow trout, brown trout and char. Rainbow trouts and brown trouts are being stocked on a continuous basis, although the brown trouts are to be considered a great bonus catch and rarity.  Natural wild species, like for instance pike, perch and whitefish, are to be found in some of the lakes. In lake Lille Havsjön there is also a possibility of catching brook trouts and lake chars as well.

The fishing is mainly pursued from the banks, but wading is possible. There are also small fishing bridges in some of the lakes and in two of them the bridges have been handicap adapted. It is possible to rent rowing boats in four of the lakes.

The lakes are divided due to fishing methods; fly-, spin- and bait fishing. Some lakes are quoted and allow only fly fishing. Some lakes can be rented exclusively. During the winter period when the lakes are ice covered ice jigging and angling can be pursued.  

We want to inform that there is a ban on lighting fires and that the usage of disposable grills is prohibited within the nature sanctuary area. Charcoal is allowed to be lit in the fire places, but shall be kept under surveillance and must be put out with water after being used.

Welcome to Hökensås nature sanctuary - where sportfishermen catch their dreams.

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